How the app works

Sexty does take a few minutes to verify your phone number, choose a pin number, an avatar and send an invite to your partner. But once your partner accepts your invitation you both are automatically connected to the Sexty digital platform that’s dedicated to sexting! You will have access to hundreds of pre-written Sexty messages, self-destruct pictures and Sext’y very naughty emoji’s.


How to register and set up a Sexty account

Note: that you can register without a partner but functions are limited

call them sex

Download the Sexty app for free

Go to the bottom of this website and tap on the icon and follow the prompts


First registration screen

Just tap sign up to get you to the next screen and also note that this is the same screen that you will use, once you are register to log in with your password.


Terms and Conditions

Read some info on Sexty’s functions, read the T&C’s and
tick the box.

sexty app

Set up Chat and Pin number

Enter your phone number, choose and confirm a pin number, enter a nick name (up to six digit’s) sex and chat type. Single Sexty locks your profile one other only.


Verify your phone number

Verify that you are who you say you are; Enter your phone number and wait for a text, enter the 6 digit number and you will forward to the next Screen.


Choose your avatar

To those people that have signed up in multiple Sexty, your avatar and nick name are the only details that are known to each other. Single Sexty is for couples that can screen any unwanted invites.

call for sex

Your in!

Your avatar name and image is confirmed and you are now free to
invite others to the Sexty Chat Portal for some amusing

sexty space

App functions

Their are two modes that Sexty works in(which you select at the time of registration)… Single and Multiple modes. Single Sexty is for one on one SextyChat’s with your excusive partner, and Mutlipe Sexty is designed for anonymous and playful SextyChat’s.

SextyChat is the main part of each Sexty Bundle, you can send a message to your Sexty partner/s and they can choose from 3 pre-written responses that are either playful, raunchy or funny… you can mix it up so it is a fast and fun to send creative Sexty messages plus you can add our very naughty emoji’s…. there names are Chris and Stella.

As well as SextyChat their are also five categories to have more fun with… Good morning sexy…. Good night sexy… Sexty flirts… Funny Sexty’s… and Poems, Rhythms and Truths.