How the app works

Their are three ways you can use Sexty… Single, Mutilpe and Casual modes. Single Sexty is for one on one SextyChat where you need to be invited to join. Mutlipe Sexty is for SextyChat with more than one invited avatar and Casual Sexty is random SextyChat with unknown partners only known by their avatars.

SextyiChat is the main part of each Sexty Bundle, you can send a message to your Sexty partner/s and they can choose from 3 pre-written responses that are either playful, raunchy or funny… you can mix it up so it is a fast and fun to send creative Sexty messages plus you can add our very naughty emoji’s…. there names are Chris and Stella.

Sexty comes in bundles of 360 lines of messages and their pre-written replies… starting slowly at first, flirting and teasing to build tension before diving into hotter Sexty bundles.

As well as SextyChat (which is editable,)  their are also five categories to have more fun with… Good morning sexy…. Good night sexy… Sexty flirts… Funny Sexty’s… and Poems, Rhythms and Truths.

Sexty App